How Did Jesus And The Hebrews Become WHITE?

How did the Hebrews turn White? The Mark of the Israelites is the ability to agape Love. Upon learning to read and write, his human experience, along with world events and his ability to read the Bible, led him to believe that the slaves of America were actually the true Children of Israel.

Are we satisfied with the explanation given about African American History, is it sufficient? Indian Ocean Slave Trade dominated by the Arabs (Ishmael) transporting Israelites as far east as China. During the late1960's Ben Ammi Carter and Shaleah Ben Israel sucessfully drew large numbers of Black Nationalists, from in and around Chicago, into their "Original Hebrew Israelite Nation".

The promise was: God will see to it that the true Israel is brought into being and saved. But judging by some of the modern blond Sephardic Jews, and also from the Scriptures (both of which indicate that the Israelites were fair) we conclude that they were not primarily a short, dark and broad-headed people with prominent noses.

You can bet that former black slaves intermingled with the Israelites at some point in this epic journey. There is not even a shred of evidence that the black Africans who were stolen from their lands by the Europeans from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries were descendants of Israel.

Understanding that the Negroes = Bantus = the Israelites is a critical point to realize because it connects us to the mysteries of the East. Samaritans are a group claiming physical descent from the Israelites. Considering life's most ultimate question—How do I get right with God?—the Black Hebrew Israelite doctrine is impotent.

After the ten-tribed northern Kingdom of Israel rejected the rulership of the throne of David, forming a separate kingdom, only the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and a portion of the Levites were in the southern part of the land of Israel to form the kingdom thereafter known as the Kingdom of Judah.

The true Israel of God have been regenerated by the power of Christ's cross; they are held in the grip of its love and grace. I have studied these things and can agree with you 100% but the point I'm making is the point you're making: true Hebrews will not really control a nation and its currency.

If he says he will regather his people, Israel, then that is exactly what he will do. He can see our DNA without the need of a laboratory, and he knows who he is bringing back to the land. God tells us that He will bring diaspora the Nation of Israel to a place and have a kings set over them, and in that nation will they serve gods of wood and stone.

Despite the Bible being abundantly clear that God is not finished with Israel and that the promises made to that nation are to that nation alone, replacement theology is running rampant, particularly as the years tick by. In his lecture, Bishop Jean said that Black Hebrews had led England until Charlemagne came in 1711.

One of these replacement ideologies, however, that has crept up quietly and is becoming popular throughout Kansas City in particular, is that of the Black Hebrew Israelites”. The way God brings into being the true Israel is, finally by sending his Son, Jesus Christ, as the true Seed of Abraham, the true Son of David, and, in a profound sense, the true Israel himself.

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